stuyvesant high school class of 1983
About this website.

Website Construction: This website was created by Valerie Mates. It went online on March 6, 2003. The programming is written in Perl. Data is stored in a MySQL database. The HTML was written by hand with a text editor. The website is hosted by, on a computer located in Pittsburgh, PA. The red and blue colors of the website are Stuyvesant's school colors.

Privacy Policy: Information you enter into the site is stored in the site's database, and also e-mailed to the reunion organizers. The information you enter is visible only to the other people who are registered on the site, not to the general public, and you can choose to hide your e-mail address and/or your home address even from other registered members. However, security is pretty minimal. If you have privacy concerns, you can leave out any sensitive information -- the only required info is your name and e-mail address. Or, alternatively, if you'd like to get updates about the reunion but you don't want to be listed here at all, you can e-mail Valerie by sending a message here and she'll pass the word on to the organizers.

Alumni Association: You can find the Stuyvesant alumni association website at

Suggestions: If you run into any questions about the website or have ideas or suggestions, please e-mail Valerie.

Valerie says: Thanks to Ms. Ganim and Mr. Rosenrauch for getting me interested in computers. :-)